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EP Eligibility Workbook

2019 EP Stage 3 MU Companion Guide

Hawaii Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program Provider Manual

If you would like to continue your application process with the help of a Conduent support agent, contact the Hawaii Medicaid Fiscal Agent Call Center at SLRHelpdesk@Conduent.com to schedule an appointment.


EP Process

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3   4 & 5  ;-)

Please Note: This information is provided for Medicaid practitioners interested in applying for the Hawai'i Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program. If you are a Medicare practitioner looking for information on the Medicare Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program, please visit http://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms for more information.


Aloha-Let's get started!

Below are the step by step instructions on how to complete the registration process.

  1. Read the Hawaii Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program Provider Manual. Providers must attest that they have read and understand the policies set forth in the provider manual.
  2. Register for a PECOS ID. You'll need a Provider Enrollment, Chain, & Ownership System (PECOS) ID to complete your CMS Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program Registration.
  3. Locate your National Provider Identifier (NPI) and Tax Identification Number (TIN). Eligible Professionals should use their Social Security Number (SSN) for the TIN. You will need this information to register at CMS's Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation System and also to create an account at Hawaii's State Level Registry site. Your NPI and TIN must be on file with Med-QUEST Division (MQD) in order to create an SLR account.
  4. You must be enrolled with MQD as a Hawaii Medicaid provider, with an active enrollment status during the 90-day eligibility reporting period. To view a checklist of the provider information that must be on file and up to date with MQD, click here.
    • To enroll as a Hawaii Medicaid provider, or to update your Hawaii Medicaid provider record, please visit the Med-QUEST website to download the DHS 1139 form. Completed forms should be mailed directly to the Medicaid Fiscal Agent office.
      Hawaii Medicaid Fiscal Agent
      ATTN: Hawaii Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program
      P.O. Box 1220
      Honolulu, HI 96807-1220
    • You may contact the Medicaid Fiscal Agent Call Center to check the status of your enrollment. (800) 235-4378, select option #3.
  5. Create or locate an electronic copy of your signed contract with a vendor for the purchase, implementation or upgrade of a certified EHR system. EPs must report Meaningful Use using an EHR technology certified to the 2014 Edition for 2015. EPs must use EHR technology certified at least to the 2014 Edition in 2016 and 2017, and may adopt EHR technology certified to the 2015 Edition prior to 2017 or 2018. Click here to view a tip sheet on the types of contracts that are acceptable.
  6. Verify that your system is on the ONC list of certified products for Adopt, Implement and Upgrade (AIU) or Meaningful Use (MU). Identify the CMS EHR Certification ID, as this data will be required when completing your attestation.
  7. Identify an individual who will be the primary contact for your application - you'll need their name, direct phone number and email address. This is the person who will be contacted if questions regarding your attestation arise, so please ensure all information is accurate.
  8. Register at the CMS Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation System. The registration process must be successfully completed 48 hours prior to creating a Hawaii SLR account.
  9. Determine if you will be using group Medicaid Patient volumes to qualify for the Medicaid eligibility portion of the attestation. Click here to view the Group JumpStart page.
  10. Determine the Medicaid and Total Patient Encounter volumes that you intend to report. EPs must demonstrate 30% Medicaid patient volumes for a representative 90-day period in the previous calendar year, or in the 12 months preceding the attestation. Pediatricians may demonstrate a minimum of 20% Medicaid patient volumes to qualify for a reduced incentive amount. Your patient volumes must come from an auditable data source, so you must be able to provide documentation, i.e. De-identified Practice Management Report (PMR), that supports your volumes if requested. Click here to view a tip sheet on what information should be included on the PMR.
  11. Download and complete the EP Eligibility Workbook, located in the Tools section of this page. You will be required to upload a copy of the workbook during the attestation process. Click here for tips on how to successfully complete the EP Eligibility Workbook.
  12. Determine which method of Certified EHR technology you will be attesting to- Adopt, Implement, or Upgrade (AIU) or Meaningful Use (MU).
  13. Ensure that you have access to a scanner or electronic faxing technology such as RightFaxTM.
  14. Create a Hawaii SLR account to register for Hawaii's Medicaid Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program. Click here for SLR account creation troubleshooting tips.